About Us

Couch Commerce + eRetail = Couch Retail        Welcome Aboard!

As a full service eCommerce agency that was born to deliver exceptional and consistent brand experiences, CouchRetail believes in giving life to your brand story to take your online business enterprise forward. !

Couch Retail is a full service e-commerce agency born from the idea that consumers deserve a great online shopping experience and we help brands to ensure they deliver exactly that. We combine big ideas with innovative technology to deliver exceptional and consistent brand experiences across all digital touch points.!

The team behind Couch Retail are young entrepreneurs and e-commerce enthusiasts taking a different approach to e-commerce. We do not simply design a good looking website. We take a consultative & strategic approach to understanding your business. We carry out in depth analysis of your business and understand your brand story. We then develop a eCommerce business accordingly ensuring customer conversion and loyalty.!

Our talented team consists of 100+, with 20+ Magento Certified Developers, Project Managers, Account Managers, e-commerce expert Consultants and Retail Analysts readily available to assist you in your journey and make an improvement on your bottom line. Our highly experienced e-commerce developers are experts on the front-end which is where the customer gets to experience of your website and the back-end where all the cogs and wheels (programme, languages and coding) are to make the website work.

With team based in UK locally to answer your queries in your language we offer best in class services at highly competitive prices. The Magento platform is trusted by more than 250,000 merchants worldwide and leading the market size. Our customers usually call us Magento Experts.

Our team has a proud history of working with over 100+ clients all over the world to achieve e-commerce success. Over the last few years we have done a number of developments providing flexibility and scalability for future growth. Our e-retail successes have been at a value affordable to each individual business.

Why CouchRetail?

We aim to bring your brand story to life. And we will do that through listening and connecting with your business. We are not going to pretend like we understand your business better than you, because we don't. We will work in partnership with you to understand your goals, dreams and ambitions and work together to provide you and your customers the best e-commerce solution so that each visit to your site is like visiting the little boutique in your town centre, where everybody knows your name but they are sat comfortably on their couch on either on their mobile, tablet, laptop or TV where they are most comfortable all snug as a bug.!

It is our constant endeavour to ensure your digital experience remains optimised, enjoyable and couch friendly for you and your customers. And at the same time to provide seamless back-end processes for data and delivery ensuring a partnership which lasts.!

Its time to make that change happen. Lets get connected today!!