Big Data Analytics

Knowledge is obsolete, Experience is history, Data is king!

Your website is most probably capturing huge amounts of data every single day and if you are not utilising that data we can help you even if you are not a ‘big’ company. Data is in various forms & sizes and give us various entry points to reach the target customers.

We want your website to be converting all visitors into loyal customers. Our analytics team enables you to do that. We can help with personalised offers for your regular customers so they remain loyal. With predictive analytics you can pre-empt season changes so you are always ahead in the game. With help of basket and checkout analysis such as abandon or drop out rates as well as conversion data, out of box results are achievable.

How do we do this?

We all realise that measurability is very important in today’s day and age. Our strategy analysis allows ecommerce businesses to increase conversion and increase brand loyalty which will impact the bottom line – the most important factor!

Identifying Your Pain Points and Opportunities!
It is very likely that there is room for improvement in your business which will enhance performance and in turn increase revenue as you provide a better customer journey on your website. We carry out an analysis on the current state and identify potential opportunity points which you may not have identified. The result? A more conversion prone web-shop.

Data Analytics!
We want you to be able to see the improvement of your site after working with us. We will provide you a baseline of how your website was performing, focusing on indicators such as site traffic, conversion rate and average order value and initial impression on visitors. Following the development of your business provide you with reports detailing the key performance indicators.

Sales & Marketing Analysis!
How to deal with the large volume and variety of data to create an integrated marketing program (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) that delivers a superior value?!

To find out, we can carry out various forms of analysis and find the answer of your questions based on your data which you may not be utilising to its full potential. We do this through

Do you ask yourself the following questions -

Which customers to retain and how to increase brand loyalty with minimum spending?
How to estimate the customer lifetime value effectively?
Are you treating your new customer & regular customer in same way?

The bottom line… More revenue for your eCommerce business and a loyal customer base. Let us understand your data strategy to offer you best in class services.