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5 Outstanding Magento Connect Extensions For A Winning Business Strategy

Magento connect routinely features some of the best extensions in Magento Connect. These extensions truly help merchants improve their turn over and take their business to the next higher level. In this blog, I have selected some of the best Magento extensions for Magento Enterprise edition as well as Magento Community extensions. These are developed by reputed Magento industry partners and the independent Magento development community.

1. AOE Scheduler ( This extension comes in handy especially if you have problems with your cron job schedules. The AOE Scheduler extension allows you to manage your scheduler task easily.  This extension is backed with Magento’s expert consulting group’s recommendation.

2. One Page Checkout (IWD extensions): A long checkout process can result in abandoned shopping carts that are no good for your sales & marketing strategy, as well as your growth strategy. With this check out from Inter Web Design, all check out pages become simple and easy for all customers who can avoid backing out at the last second. This simple check out also makes it easy for merchants to increase the overall store conversion rate.

3. Learning Search Connect Extension (SLI systems): The makers of this extension believe that customers who search are customers who buy and return to your store to buy more. This extension helps visitors convert to customers with the help of their sure-fire methodology and an awesome solution.

4. Optimizely  (Blue Acorn): Optimizely, is an extension that is built by a winning team – Blue Acorn, which is a Gold solution partner and a Gold Industry partner., This extension makes it easy to track engagements, clicks, conversions, etc. and helps you to optimize your store effectively.

5.Yotpo (yotpo): Yotpo is an extension that can be seamlessly and easily integrated with Magento products, so that more customers can be driven to generate significantly more reviews. Thus, trustworthy product and service reviews will help convert undecided visitors into confident shoppers and significantly boost sales.

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