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Four Outstanding Extensions for Improving your Conversion Rates of your Magento e-Store

In case you are looking for an extension to enhance your Magento store by adding new functionality, you can always find the extensions you need in the Magento Connect Marketplace. This is the place from where you can acquire the best possible extensions to compete with the larger eCommerce store. In case you are an existing company, these extensions can provide you an opportunities in new markets. The more extensions you have, the more trickier it is going to be to manage your store, since some extensions do have a tendency to clash. More often than not, 3rd party vendors are also slow to keep up with updates provided by Magento. Nevertheless, this article presents four extensions that will optimize your user experience.

1. PostCode Anywhere

PostCode Anywhere is a tidy addition to your Magento Store that can create a smooth checkout experience for the user. It comes with address auto completion and validation and replaces for the customer the tedious task to type of their address. The merchant is also benefited by the address validation, which will ensure that addresses are accurate. This in turn, will improve the overall business efficiency, as it ensures customers receive their parcels on time.

2. The Amasty Ajax Scroll

This extension from Amasty is an outstanding extension that replaces the Magento pagination feature by performing the auto-loading of the category products. The user does not need to click on ‘next’ to see the rest of the products set on other pages, but simply has to scroll to see the products. This extension is useful because all your products can be displayed by scrolling. The best or the more useful products are not hidden on the last few pages, where the customer never reaches. Thus, nearly every time, you are forced to slash your prices to offload your unsold inventory to desperately create more room for new stock. This extension is a great way to solve this issue.

3. Auto Add Free Promo Items

The Auto add Free Promo Items extensions from Amasty allows a free promo product into a customer’s shopping basket to create a pleasant surprise. Giving away a free product is a far more effective way of promoting your e-store than providing a big discount. This is a great way to keep basket abandonment low.

4. Customer Notes

Include a few notes about your customer every time your interact with them personally. Even though you are operating a virtual channel rather than the brick and mortar channel, it payts to know a few details about the customer, as you will have some background information (such as based on a previous interaction with them). This means that you really know your customers and understand them.

These four extensions will help you improve your conversion rates (CRO), so that you sell more using your online store. Lets hope you meet your goals and targets for the forthcoming year.

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