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One Step Checkout Magento Stores – Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment Effectively

One step checkout is an extension that is available for your Magento Store. The main function of this extension is to simplify the checkout process of your Magento store with the sole purpose of improving the conversion process and reducing shopping cart abandonment. In case you are considering a one step checkout process for your Magento store, then “one step checkout” is a proven, well-renowned and safe choice.

Today, more than 12,000 merchants have selected this effective and robust  extension for their Magento Store. This extension comes as as rock-solid and well documented extension that has been thoroughly tested with provision of support in case merchants need it.

The one step conversion process is made by people who have worked exclusively with checkout and conversions, so that you get the possible best checkout product. The one step checkout feature or OSC is a total revamp of the standard checkout process that Magento offers. The core feature is that it reduces the six standard Magento checkout steps right down to one.

One of the reasons why people abandon shopping carts is due to lengthy or complicated checkouts. The products are abandoned because customers can simply go elsewhere to buy your products. Besides providing options such as sign-in checkout options for returning customers and guest registrations for those who do not want to complete transactions at that time, it is a good idea to offer one step checkout to reduce the lengthy checkouts.

The totals as well as the prices are dynamically updated via AJAX when the shipping or payment method is selected. The one step check out for Magento allows users to fill in their addresses and choose their delivery/payment methods on the same page. Rather than having to do a separate step for each.  Thus, more and more customers are able to complete the sales process, which has an immediate impact on your bottom line. Thus, a single page checkout is the single most effective technical change that you can make to reduce your shopping cart abandonment.

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