Design & Development

Visual Appealing Design + User Friendly Experience + Content Strategy

We don’t just do visually appealing websites, although that is an important factor. We create engaging websites which lead to conversion and a measurable ROI. Our highly experienced Magento Certified Developers can help make your ideas a reality. With focus on conversion, our endeavour is to make end user journey as smooth as possible and user-friendly.

Just creative design is not enough for an eCommerce website. That is because an eCommerce website needs to strike a balance of great design with easy customer usability so that people browsing on your website are buying on your website.

The various aspect of design including -

Branding - At CR we aim to bring your brand story to life. Successfully branding creates an emotional connection with your customers and people buy because of someone’s story which differentiates them from others. All of this boils down to good old fashioned - trust. Whether it is an e-commerce store or your local down the road. !

Responsive Design - Our speciality to create Couch Friendly experiences. By 2018 purchases on mobiles and tablets are set to double according to latest report by Forester. Therefore it is important to have a responsive website. A website regardless of what device it is being look at through should provide your customer with an easy customer journey so that they are revenue generating customers. Say goodbye to magnifying the screen and scrolling endlessly up and down. Say hello to your new responsive website as a standard!

Customer Experience Friendly - UX is an integral cog in an eCommerce website. Without it, an eCommerce website is just a good looking website. We design easy to use, engaging and enjoyable websites and which ensure your customers are not going elsewhere.

Search Engine Optimisation Friendly - With excellent interface and best in class products, it is vital to be visible in google. When we design a website we incorporate a structure which is search engine optimisation friendly and also help to optimise your current website for higher ranking.

Development is the key of eCommerce which involves merging the vision, current status (online or offline presence) and targets with tools, extension and customisations. The best way to achieve the same is the understand and delivery the order journey from very start. !

Our experts developers help to integrate with current CRMs, integrations etc and can be trusted to deal with the complexities of an eCommerce website. With multiple payment or shipping methods or tax codes or discount codes integrations to consider, we eliminate any issues and deliver bespoke websites tailored to our clients’ needs. And when your business grows, as will your eCommerce needs, we will be there with you to help you to the increase in capacity and functionality. Some of the important integral parts of developing eCommerce websites are:

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